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Some Samples


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Moon8 Notes is not aimed at making profits, the entire 11th 12th PCM (Physics- Chemistry- Maths) notes are also available on our Android App for the students who cannot afford.

But only for the old versions. We beleive that if you have a latest Android or iOS phone, you can afford the pricing.

The Process

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Moon8 Notes are a Shorter and Simpler version of NCERT and Arihant JEE Mains Modules with interlinked flowcharts which cover more than 90% syllabus of all the exams that have NCERT as their syllabus.


Memorise the Notes

The human brain can store enormous amount of information but recalling them 'on time', in the right manner is something that differentiates a topper. If you keep the access path logical and simple then you can remember it for a longer period of time and continual revision makes those access paths stronger.


Practise Questions

You wont be able to solve more than 10-20 questions just by memorizing the formulas and definitions. Engineering is about connecting the dots and using several principles to tackle a problem systematically.
Ideally, it should be 40% Study : 60% Practice


Subject Wise Details

Whatever your subject needs may be, we have it all covered.

Physics 11-12 Set

HD One Page Short Notes

1.Units and Measurements + Kinematics + Projectile Motion
2. Laws of Motion + Work, Energy, Power, Friction
3. Rotational Motion
4. Gravitation
5. Circular Motion + Centre of mass + Collision
6. Oscillation and Waves + EMW

Big Bomb:
1. Electrostatics + Capacitor
2. Current Electricity
3. Magnetic Effects of Current + Magnetism + EMI
4. Properties of Solids and Liquids
5. Thermodynamics + Heat and Kinetic Theory of Gases
6. Ray Optics
7. Radioactivity + Communication + Electronic Devices

Chemistry 11-12 Set

HD One Page Short Notes

1. Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry with Mind maps + Nomenclature + Effects
2. Hydrocarbons + Halogen Compounds + Oxygen Compounds + Nitrogen Compounds
3. Polymers and Biomolecules

1. Classification of Elements in periodic table along with all the properties and trends + Periodic Table with learning technique
2. All the group elemental properties along with the major compounds they form
3. Coordination Compounds
4. Hydrogen

1. Stoichiometry
2. Structure of Atoms (Combined with 12th Physics concepts)
3. Solutions
4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5. Chemical Kinetics + Electro chemistry + Acids and Bases
6. States of Matter + Solid States
7. Heat and Kinetic theory of gases + Thermodynamics + Equilibirium
8. Redox
9. Surface Chemistry + Environmental Chemistry + Everyday Chemistry

Maths 11-12 Set

HD One Page Short Notes

1. Triginometry
2. Inverse Trigonometry
3. Continuity and differentiability
4. Differentiation + AOD
5. Integration + AOI
6. Formula Page

1. Properties of Triangles, Height and distances
2. Straight Lines
3. Circle + Parabola + Hyperbola + Ellipse
4. 3 D Geometry
5. Probability

Maths Remaining:
1. Matrix and Determinants + Sets
2. Relation and Function
3. Permutation and Combination
4. Binomial Theorem
5. Sequence and Series
6. Statistics
7. Complex Numbers
8. Quadratic Equations