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Do you dislike long duration studies?

Don't worry, We will help...The human brain can store enormous amount of information but recalling them 'on time', in the right manner is something that differentiates a topper. If you keep the access path logical and simple then you can remember it for a longer period of time and continual revision makes those access paths stronger.

Moon8 Notes are a Shorter and Simpler version of NCERT and Arihant JEE Mains Modules with interlinked flowcharts which cover more than 90% syllabus of all the exams that have NCERT as their syllabus.

The Notes are so structured and precise that most chapters are covered in single pages. They are scanned in High Quality and are properly Highlighted throughout. The Complete PCM is covered in about 80-90 pages only.

Easy To Understand

One Page Notes that explain each topic in lay man terms.

Saves Your Time

Complete PCM is about 80-90 pages only.

Mobile Friendly

Login and Study anywhere, No need to carry books.

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